With your “Savvy Style Blueprint” you can!

Uncover your unique “Personal Home Design Style”

Understand how to incorporate special memories, and treasured keepsakes, into your design style

Explore over 50 design styles…to ignite your creativity and help you hone in on the design style that will light you up!

Discover the best places to look to find style and design inspiration

Learn how to create your Style Board…and how it will help you on your design journey

Set the foundation for your soul styled décor plan!

Finally stop feeling conflicted with which design style to focus on

You’ll be ready to move to the next level with creating a design plan for your space

Meet Julia

I want you to take into account the most important element in your spaces – YOU!

When I worked as an interior designer I worked with a variety of different women:

  • Women in business
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Busy mums
  • Women overwhelmed by stressful issues in their lives
  • Women that are too busy with other hobbies and ventures to spend time understanding their ideal version of great design.

I helped to remove those nasty “blocks” that were draining their energy…and we implemented structures and systems that allowed them to create a vision for their home…and life.

You will find ways to embrace your desires, surround yourself with beauty , and ultimately know how to own a space that reflects you – a space that is truly aligned with your vision…embodying your values and feeding your energy.

Yes, I have a whole host of fabulous diplomas, in Fashion Design, Interior Design and several other certificates from a variety of design programs – Yet, I feel that I’m not just a “creative”, but also a “Nurturer of style, emotions and spirit”.

I have 20+ years of experience working and teaching within the design industry and I’ve gained an ability to help you create your vision of a space, translate that vision into a gorgeous design, and enjoy the way a space feels…even more so than how it looks.

I’m a dedicated planner that loves systems that allow for great organisation and functionality, a designer with a passion for helping people heal and develop through creative expression, and a mentor that allows you an opportunity to bring “into the light” parts of yourself that others have yet to see (and possibly parts of yourself you have yet to acknowledge).

I love the spiritual side of life and feel it’s my mission to invite you home to yourself, to teach you to nurture your core desires and help you uncover your authentic style.

You should feel inspired by your space, lit up by the aesthetic and invigorated by the vibe it emits.

I want you to feel confident and excited to socialise in a space that is a beautiful reflection, and extension of you and your style.
The spaces we live and work in have the power to shape and define our lives.

Little details and the overall vibe of a space can make the crappiest days better…

In essence, personal style is more important, and more impactful, than fashion trends.
In case I haven’t made it clear already…poorly designed spaces negatively impact you, block and drain your energy and stop you from living life to your fullest potential.

Exceptional design, on the other hand, is about identifying how you want to feel in a space, translating that desire into strategic design elements and bringing it all to life in a way that is beautiful, functional and feels like an organic extension of you.

Identifying and implementing your ideal design style doesn’t need to be a daunting or difficult task.

In fact, the process can be simple as long as:
The right approach and tools are used to help you uncover your unique desires.
You want to honour yourself, and live freely!
All without the feelings of not being worthy of beauty.
Freedom to focus on your complete health and well being (mind, body and spirit)!

We all deserve to feel that our spaces are our sanctuaries….
spaces in which we can relax and feel sublimely at ease,
yet inspired and energised!


What if your home not only looked gorgeous, but also helped you feel better, achieve more and live the kind of life you want to be living?
Sounds like too much to ask from a pile of bricks and mortar, right? — Well, it’s not!
The fact is, a well thought out, beautifully designed home, isn’t just lovely to live in…it helps you live the kind of life you want to be living. But before you get to this stage you need to have done some in depth discovery inner work on “Who you are” to be able to uncover “What your style is”?
The flipside is also true…a home that doesn’t reflect the needs of you and your family can actually hold you back from feeling the way you want to feel…and keep you stuck and stagnant.

So let’s get something straight – if designing your home
is actually about designing your life…
you need to make sure you’re getting “it” right!

When it comes to your home, do you?

See gorgeous homes on TV and in magazines, and wish you could replicate their looks?

Want to give your home a makeover…but feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the project, and unsure where to even begin?

Struggle to make big purchases and decisions…always feeling like you’re second guessing yourself (and wasting endless hours in the process)?

Feel frustrated with certain rooms – you know they’re not working but you don’t know how to change them?

Feel like your home is a “time capsule”…it still reflects your life from years (or even decades) ago?

Have rooms filled with furniture and décor that’s not really you…filled with hand-me-downs or impulse buys?

Find yourself overwhelmed by clutter…causing you to feel unmotivated and uninspired in your spaces?

You want to first become clear on your desires, then nurture an optimistic and self-loving mindset. This allows you to set and achieve your big, beautiful goals…ultimately creating spaces that are a reflection (and extension) of your authentic self and style.

You want to feel worthy of beauty in your life, but you first need to uncover what beauty means to you. Next, you need to release limiting beliefs that tell you that spending time and money designing your ideal space is a self-indulgent endeavour and learn to enjoy socialising in a space you can be proud of.

The problem is…

You’ve lost touch with your core desires.

You feel overwhelmed when you try to identify the parts of yourself that you want to express in your home.

You’ve settled for a home that is barely functional…lacking warmth, character, style, beauty and…most importantly…your spirit.

You should feel inspired by your space, lit up by the aesthetic and invigorated by the vibe it emits!

And, more than anything, do you wish you could create a space that makes you feel 100% comfortable and relaxed? A home that you’re proud to invite friends to, that you look forward to coming home to, and that feels like a true haven for you and your loved ones?

If this sounds like you, just know that you’re not alone…and there are tools you can learn to help you define and implement your design style.


Welcome to a 4-week journey that will walk you through, step-by-step, processes that will allow you to become clear on creating, and implementing, your authentic design style.


Here’s what we’ll be covering…



This module provides you with a “get to know this course” synopsis of:

  • Content delivery (what info you can expect to receive and how it will be delivered to you)
  • An introduction to finding your design style – an overview of the discovery process (what most designers don’t start with)
  • Fabulous tips on setting up your workspace…including a handy checklist of the tools/gear you’ll want to have on hand for this journey
  • A positive affirmation (for you to print and sign) to celebrate the commitment you’ve made to bring into the light your soul inspired design style.


We kick off our journey of soul-styled transformation by venturing inward. In this first module you will…

  • Dig deep into your psyche to uncover your own story and internal influencers
  • Define what sort of life and story you envision for yourself – going forward
  • Light up your creative energy, and create a “Mood Board”

Lesson 1.1 – Getting to Know You Better In this first lesson, you will:

  • Uncover an individualised approach that defines you and your desire for a beautifully designed home
  • Review how you can answer the age old “Who Am I?” question…in an authentic and honest way.
  • Lay the foundations for defining your design style
  • Complete exercises that will help you get to the heart of your story and desires

Lesson 1.2 – Mindfulness

In this lesson you’re going to learn to look inward and define, on your own terms, your life and style.
You’ll also:

  • Complete an exercise to get you “tuned into” you…focusing on being “in the moment” (including my recommendation for a great mindfulness meditation)
  • Define what kind of lifestyle you want to live
  • Discuss decorating for you – not for fashion

Lesson 1.3 – Values

  • In this lesson, lets get clear on your values…
  • Making snap decisions when you’re lacking clarity on your personal values can steer you down the wrong path
  • Complete in depth exercises that will generate a list of your personal values
  • Gain confidence…knowing that the decisions you make in the future will be true to your values, and maintain your integrity

Lesson 1.4 – Desires

  • Discover the remarkable link between your feelings and the spaces in which we live. This is one of the KEY components for creating your unique style, and is what will help you create a design that balances soul and substance.
  • Get clarity on how you truly want to feel in a space, so that your design style can develop from a place of alignment and truth.


This lesson will get you clear on what truly motivates you…

  • Once you’re clear on your motivation you’ll find it much easier to stay focused and driven to implement your style within your spaces.
  • Next you’re ready to simplify and declutter. You’ve lifted the veil off of what truly “floats your boat”…now you can make space for the new, true version of you and your design style.

Lesson 2.1 Keeping up the Motivation

  • Motivation comes from achievement.
  • First you’ll find the exercise, “Steps to Getting Motivated” to help you clarify, and really lay out those things that inspire and excite you.
  • Now you’ll plan your start date for implementing your ideal design in your spaces.

Lesson 2.2 – Simplify & Create

  • You’re clear on what motivates you, now you can declutter…effectively (because you’ll easily recognize what doesn’t “fit” with your motivations and inspirations).
  • You’ll use the “Clutter Gauge Checklist” to help you feel even more clear…and justified in what you decide to keep and what needs to be tossed (or “re-homed”).
  • We’ll also detail and review the physical and emotional effects of clutter…for further “de-cluttering” inspiration.


This module provides you with a detailed roadmap to finally uncover your signature style.

Lesson 3.1 – What is Your Style?

  • Now we will build upon and detail you’re influencers that you uncovered in the previous modules.
  • We’re ready to focus on developing your signature style.
  • Learn how to cultivate your newly emerging signature style.

Lesson 3.2 – Collecting Inspiration

  • You’ll now start a collection, or online style board, to truly help you continue to visualize your signature style.
  • Review some stellar tips on organising your inspiration collection.
  • Complete “Checklist 1 – Start Collecting Inspiration for your Vision Boards”.

Lesson 3.3 – What’s Your Story?

  • Now that you understand how to find your inspiration (in the world around you) you’ll spend some time thinking about your personal story.
  • Complete the exercise “Write Your Story”…focusing on memories that bring about the feelings that you desire to feel within your spaces.
  • Checklist 2, “Organising Your Images” will give you the tools and tricks you need to keep track of the inspiration you’re collecting from your personal story.

Lesson 3.4 – Style Clarity Exercise

  • Now that you’ve gathered lots of ideas and images, and even taken a little trip down memory lane, I’ll show you how to really bring your signature style into the light.
  • Complete the exercise “10 Steps to Style Clarity”.

Lesson 3.5 – Explore Existing Styles

  • Your design style will be uniquely yours, but there are some archetypal styles already “out there” that can help you visualise where your style fits on the design spectrum.
  • You’ll receive several suggested resources for further defining your signature style.
  • Complete the exercise, “Define your personal style”.


In this module you’ll establish the common themes amongst the images you’ve collected, determine your “style buzz words” and learn how to create your vision board.

Lesson 4.1 – Make Linkages

  • We’ll take a step back and look at the bigger picture. What common themes stand out amongst all of the images you’ve collected.
  • Look at important elements and principles of design.

Lesson 4.2 – Affirm Your Unique Style

  • Once you’ve found the pre-established style that resonates with you, the next step is to attach words that embody how your signature style feels. These words will become your “style buzz words”.
  • Complete the exercise, “Affirm your personal style” to uncover your top 5 “style buzz words”.
  • Get ultra clear on the style that sparks your soul. When you see that shabby chic armchair, you will know that your contemporary / bold signature style will make the chair look really out of place. This allows you to confidently walk away, preventing some serious purchaser’s regret.

Lesson 4.3 – Create Your Vision Boards

  • Vision Boards add clarity to your desires and feelings to your visions. You’ll be inspired, and see samples of my personal boards, for the following Vision boards:
  • Lifestyle Board
  • Design Style Board
  • Personal Style Board




This bonus section will teach you how to establish the functionality of a space, and how you include everyone in the home (and their needs).


This exercise offers tips and tools for analysing each space within your home, such as:

What is, and isn’t, working within each space of your home.

What décor and “pieces” do you love & why.


The “Activity Space Planner” exercise will teach you how to define activity “zones” within your home.

Zones will define layout, furniture, lighting, power points and fundamental requirements for each and every space that makes up your home.

You don’t have to continue envying the gorgeous homes and spaces you see on TV and in magazines…you can have your own space to be proud of…from which you can also be comforted by the true reflection of you and your design style.

You can toss feelings of being overwhelmed by clutter and learn how to effectively cleanse your home of that which is only bogging it (you) down.

You no longer have to feel terrified that a home makeover is beyond your scope…you just need support and help learning the professional tricks that will streamline the process and give you the freedom you need to implement your organic life and design style.


If you have any questions?

Feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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